TREATMENT – ALL INCLUSIVE sanatorium resort treatment packages

TREATMENT – ALL INCLUSIVE sanatorium resort treatment packages

5 n.
75 €
per person

      Treatment – all inclusive package:

  • Consultation of a physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation and preparation of a treatment programme (remotely or in person);
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buffet in the Mūza restaurant;
  • Accommodation in a room of your choice in the Mineral SPA Draugystė. 

Daily therapeutic treatments, one per group at your choice (1 – 7):


1.     Highly mineralised baths and therapeutic muds: Using natural mineral water from one of the saltiest wells in Lithuania, Draugystė:  Sūrutis pearl bath 30 g/l (15 min.)/ Sūrutis herbal bath (15 min.) / Sūrutis herbal – pearl bath / turpentine bath (fresh water) (15 min.)/ turpentine pearl bath (15 min.)/ Sūrutis ozone bath 30g/l (15 min.)/ carbonic acid bath (15 min.)/ therapeutic peat mud applications/ fango paraffin (20min);

2.     Kinesitherapy: AQUA aerobics (30 min.)/ group therapeutic exercise in the gym* (30 min.)/ therapeutic exercise with fitness equipment and other physiotherapy aids* (30 min.)/ /group therapeutic exercise in the pool* (30 min.) / vertical bath* (30 min.);

3.     Physiotherapy:  Pulse currents / painkilling currents / interferential currents / compression therapy / ultrasound / magnetic field therapy / light therapy with apparatus;

4.     Massages: underwater massage (20 min.)/ classical therapeutic massage (20 min.) / dry hydro massage bed (20 min.) /Stima well – electrotherapy, thermotherapy and massage (20 min.);

5.     Turkish bath therapeutic complex No. 3, (2 hours) in the health and beauty centre mineral SPA Draugystė. The package includes: Body wash, salt scrub, steam bath with aromatic herbs, dry air bath, swimming in the pool with underwater massage currents. Full body relaxation massage. Massage duration (20 min.), every third day.

6.     Halotherapy (Himalayan salt room) (30 min.);

7.     Swimming pool: swimming in the mineral SPA Draugystė pool area: Jacuzzi, underwater massage in the currents bay, swimming pool, steam bath of aromatic herbs, dry air bath;


  • Herbal cocktails: Neurokar No. 1 calming the nervous system / Gastrokar No. 2 improving the digestive system/ Cholokar No. 3, stimulating bile secretion and liver function at the Mūza restaurant;
  • Mineral water drink.


Treatments are individually prescribed by the doctor according to the indications and contraindications for treatments. Treatments are for adults only.

Specialist medical consultations, clinical, biochemical and X-ray examinations, echoscopies of the internal organs and other diagnostics, and therapeutic procedures for an additional fee according to the published price list.

    * – The treatment is not available on public holidays.

 Note: Arrival and departure days are considered as one day. The treatments in the package are not interchangeable between groups.

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