Individual Treatment Package

Individual Treatment Package

5 n.
66 €
per person

Individual treatment package includes:

  • Consultation of a physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation and preparation of a treatment programme (remotely or in person);
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buffet ;
  • Accommodation in a room of your choice.


Daily therapeutic treatments, one per group at your choice (1 – 5):


1.     Highly mineralised baths and therapeutic muds: Using natural mineral water from one of the saltiest wells in Lithuania, Draugystė:: Sūrutis pearl bath 30 g/l (15 min.) / Sūrutis herbal bath (15 min.) / Sūrutis ozone bath 30 g/l (15 min.) / Sūrutis herbal – pearl bath (15 min)/ carbonic acid bath (15 min.) / turpentine pearl bath (15 min.) / turpentine bath (fresh water) (15 min.) / therapeutic peat mud applications/ fango paraffin (20 min);

2.     Kinesitherapy: AQUA aerobics (30 min.)/ group therapeutic exercise in the gym* (30 min.)/ therapeutic exercise with fitness equipment and other physiotherapy aids* (30 min.) / /group therapeutic exercise in the pool* (30 min.) / vertical bath**** (30 min.);

3.     Physiotherapy: Pulse currents / painkilling currents / interferential currents / compression therapy / ultrasound / magnetic field therapy / light therapy with apparatus / halotherapy (Himalayan salt room) (30 min.);

4.     Massages: Classical therapeutic massage** (15 min.) / Underwater massage (20 min.) / dry hydro massage bed (20 min.) / Stima Well – electrotherapy, thermotherapy and massage (20 min.);

5.     Swimming pool: swimming in the mineral SPA Draugystė pool area: Jacuzzi, underwater massage in the currents bay, swimming pool, steam bath of aromatic herbs, dry air bath;


  • Herbal cocktails: Neurokar No. 1 calming the nervous system / Gastrokar No. 2 improving the digestive system/ Cholokar No. 3, stimulating bile secretion and liver function at the Mūza restaurant;
  • Mineral water drink.

 Treatments are individually prescribed by the doctor according to the indications and contraindications for treatments. Treatments are for adults only.

Specialist medical consultations, clinical, biochemical and X-ray examinations, echoscopies of the internal organs and other diagnostics, and therapeutic procedures for an additional fee according to the published price list.

    * – the treatment  is not available on public holidays.

    ** – the treatment is not scheduled for more than every other day.

    *** – The treatment is available for stays of 7 nights or more.

Note: Arrival and departure days are considered as one day. The treatments in the package are not interchangeable between groups.

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